About Us

We support healthy childhood growth and development.

The Flathead Best Beginnings Community Council is an inclusive effort to bring all community-based organizations that serve young children and families together. Our efforts and governance structure are designed to identify barriers and find solutions to eliminate those barriers, facilitate coordination among organizations serving young children and families, and eliminate the “silos” that so often exist among agencies and organizations providing essential early childhood services.

The Council’s work looks at the young child in a holistic way. Developmental, emotional, physical and socio-environmental needs of the young child and family system are being explored.  We work to address service gaps and needs within the community so that a comprehensive system of care is available for young children.

Our hope is that by facilitating partnerships, exchanging information, engaging in joint planning, and planning for strategic communication and outreach, we believe we can strengthen opportunities for our young children and provide them with the “best beginning” in their early years as possible.

We envision an early childhood system in which:

•  Children have access to high quality Early Childhood Programs.
•  Families with young children are supported in their community.
•  Children have access to a medical home and health insurance.
•  Social, emotional, and mental health needs of young children and families are supported.
•  Strategic communication, outreach, and alignment/collaboration among community agencies are supported and effective.

Council Activities

The Council exists to provide various means for its members to engage in monthly meetings,
educational trainings, and community forums to support:



communicating on a regular basis so that we know what each other is doing


sharing resources, working on tasks together, and avoiding duplicated effort


working together in a more comprehensive way to solve community problems and build a coordinated early childhood system